Discover Your Soul's Purpose

Discover Your Soul's Purpose

There’s an extraordinary life of meaning and fulfillment waiting for you.

When you were born and your lungs filled with air for the first time, you were also filled with possibility and a promise was made by the Universe…

A promise for you to keep by the way you live your life, by the person you become, and by the lives you touch along your path…

And while you may not yet have entirely fulfilled that promise, there are ways of approaching your experiences and the events that unfold around you that can help you gain clarity about your unique mission here on Earth so you can embrace it and nurture it into your reality.

Once you truly know yourself and all you are capable of, everything in your life will begin to align with your deeper purpose and everything you do will bring you closer to living and breathing that purpose in each and every moment.

In this 8-Week Online Masterclass, world-renowned spiritual teachers Michael Bernard Beckwith and Neale Donald Walsch will personally mentor you and show you how to let your soul be your eyes and ears into the future, guiding you to a life’s purpose that feels aligned with your soul and allows you to fulfill the promise that was made at the moment of your birth.

Discover Your Soul's Purpose
  • 1. Discovering & Getting to Know Your Soul with Michael Beckwith & Neale Walsch

    Neale and Michael have both led adventurous, meaningful, soul-driven lives. They will share the stories of when they first realized they had a soul and came to understand what it was, what it means to have one, and how they have handled the ...

  • 2. Your Pre-Incarnational Choices with Michael B Beckwith

    You existed in some form somewhere else before you came here, and before you came, you chose not only to come directly to the life of possibility you are living now, you chose some of the challenges you came here to face and you chose the purpose you are here to fulfill. Your job as you live your...

  • 3. You Are On Purpose With a Purpose with Michael B Beckwith

    While we really all have the same foundational purpose, to reflect and reveal the Cosmos in our own unique ways, we each serve individual purposes within that experience. Whenever you are doing something that is aligned with your unique purpose, you will experience a distinct sense of harmony and...

  • 4. We Are Emanations of the One and Only “Life” There is with Michael B Beckwith

    Despite what our 5 senses tell us, there is no separation between us and other people, or, for that matter, between us and everything else in the Universe. This deeply empowering connection defines us; it also gives us full access to be able to manifest anything we choose, with the full power of ...

  • 5. High Intention Without Attachment with Michael B Beckwith

    One of the most powerful and important elements of accomplishing the goals that are connected to your life’s mission has to do with non-attachment. The attachments you form around specific desired outcomes based on your actions can actually create barriers to their natural unfolding. This can ene...

  • 6. Challenges - Take Them On! with Michael B Beckwith

    The challenges we face in our lives almost always carry seeds of insight and transformation that can help us reach the next level as we endeavor to fulfill our life’s mission. It is often reflexive to see challenges as obstacles that are turning you from your intended path, and can cause you to e...

  • 7. God’s Will, Our Willingness with Michael B Beckwith

    The will of God is always for a greater expression of Life, love, and beauty. Regardless of what your unique purpose is in the world, it is important that as you exert your own individual will to effect the positive changes you are trying to create, it is critical that you also stay aligned with ...

  • 8. Insight, Revelation, Vision with Michael B Beckwith

    Insight is an event that takes place in consciousness that is timeless but also radically changes our perspective, allowing us to grow as we make ourselves available to it. Revelation is not an event, but is constantly unfolding. And vision is your guide to how you can best express who you are an...

  • 9. Your Life's Biggest Decision: Answering the Question, Who Are You? with Neale

    You obviously exist, but what are you exactly? Are you simply a physical life form, not much different from a bird in the sky or a fish in the sea — more complex, perhaps, and arguably more sophisticated, but essentially nothing more than a biological entity? Or are you more than that? Are you al...

  • 10. What is the Soul? with Neale Donald Walsch

    For centuries, poets, philosophers, and religious practitioners alike have been attempting to describe and define the human soul — its origin, its existence, and its purpose, but there is clearly no consensus, and so for
    most people the soul remains one of life’s greatest mysteries. In this modu...

  • 11. The Difference Between the “Holy Spirit” and the “Soul” with Neale D. Walsch

    Divinity and Humanity are normally considered to be distinct and separate “things,” but nothing could be further from the truth. Similarly, most people do not see or feel a connection between their own soul and what is described as “the Holy Spirit.” In this module, Neale will explore the relatio...

  • 12. Clarifying What “Purpose” and “Agenda” Really Mean for the Soul with Neale

    Many people believe that if they discover their “Soul Purpose,” they will have before them a crystal clear path toward their life’s work or spiritual calling — the thing that “God wants them to do with their time.” The problem with that perspective is that the Soul itself has no career-oriented p...

  • 13. “Doing” vs. “Being” with Neale Donald Walsch

    You are a Human Being, not a Human Doing, and your Soul’s Agenda is not to “do” anything in particular, but to “be” something quite extraordinary: a living demonstration of who you truly are. This “beingness” will, of course, impact everything that you think, say, and do, and in this sense, the S...

  • 14. The Soul Cannot Fail with Neale Donald Walsch

    There may be times in life when it looks very much as if it is becoming impossible to achieve the Soul’s Purpose. In this module, Neale shares what we can do when we meet life’s obstacles, and offers a wonderfully clarifying explanation of why this happens. The teaching here is about the Law of O...

  • 15. Life’s Perfection with Neale Donald Walsch

    When we deeply understand the Agenda of the Soul, we experience every event in life in a new way. We accept the invitation to “see the perfection” within and around us, and to recognize that each daily occurrence offers us just the right circumstances and conditions to provide us with an opportun...

  • 16. Embarking on Your Soul-Directed Journey with Michael Beckwith & Neale Walsch

    Once you’ve gotten to know and understand your soul, and then tuned in to its mission on the Earth at this time, everything about your life experience will change in many new and exciting ways. You will move through every moment of your day, interacting with others, and engaging in actions that a...

  • Discover Your Soul's Purpose Fireside Chat

    Discover Your Soul's Purpose Virtual Fireside Gathering featuring Michael Bernard Beckwith and Neale Donald Walsch, hosted by Steve Farrell. Recorded 2-3-2022.

  • Discover Your Soul's Purpose - Mentoring with Michael B Beckwith

    Discover Your Soul's Purpose - Group Mentoring Session with Michael B Beckwith. Recorded 3-3-2022. Hosted by Timothy "Noe".

  • Discover Your Soul's Purpose - Mentoring with Neale Donald Walsch

    Discover Your Soul's Purpose - Group Mentoring Session with Neale Donald Walsch. Recorded 3-31-2022. Hosted by Timothy "Noe".

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  • Discover Your Soul's Purpose Module 1 & 2 Watch Party Participant Discussion

    Discover Your Soul's Purpose Module 1 & 2 Watch Party Participant Discussion. Hosted by Noe and Karen Gordan. Recorded 2-6-22

  • Discover Your Soul's Purpose Module 3 & 4 Watch Party Participant Discussion

    Discover Your Soul's Purpose Module 1 & 2 Watch Party Participant Discussion. Hosted by Andy Gustke. Recorded 2-13-22

  • Discover Your Soul's Purpose Module 5 & 6 Watch Party Participant Discussion

    Discover Your Soul's Purpose Module 5 & 6 Watch Party Participant Discussion. Hosted by Andy Gustke. Recorded 2-20-22.