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Up Next in C.H.O.I.C.E. with the Emotional Mastery Foundation with Andrea Isaacs

  • 11. Enneagram Type 7 - The Enthusiast

    Take out your Mantra Sheet that you filled out during the last call. You’ll be adding to it. If you need another one, go ahead and print it again, and — this is important — fill in your final mantra from last time.

    This is a “growing” document!, and will become a prompt for your daily practice s...

  • 12. Finalé

    This final module recaps everything, including:

    ➣ The Foundation
    ➣ Why and how understanding and embodying ALL of the types is useful in building your resilience, flexibility and your Emotional Mastery.
    ➣ And suggestions for how to practice.

    You will also receive crucial tips you can apply that...

  • SNOW

    You know those moments.
    New challenges and new pressures. The demand to live differently somehow. Yet not knowing know how to “be” or “do” that. And it seems that around the next corner are even more challenges, frustrations and delays. This is the time for a S.N.O.W. moment!