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2. Foundation Part 2

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Up Next in C.H.O.I.C.E. with the Emotional Mastery Foundation with Andrea Isaacs

  • 2. Foundation Part 2

    What’s your body telling you? Learn the language of your body.

    When you recognize sensations in your body (your somatic experience), you are getting a clue about how you feel. When you don’t like how you’re feeling, you can change your somatic experience, which will change how you think, feel an...

  • 3. Enneagram Type 8 - The Leader

    Download and print your Mantra Sheet before watching.
    This will become a prompt for your daily practice and how change can become easy.

    The gift we can all use from the Eight is taking a stand for who we are, and to listen to and honor our gut knowing.

    This module will help you to make decisio...

  • 4. Enneagram Type 9 - The Peacemaker

    Take out your Mantra Sheet that you filled out during the last call. You’ll be adding to it. If you need another one, go ahead and print it again, and — this is important — fill in your final mantra from last time.

    This is a “growing” document!, and will become a prompt for your daily practice s...