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Being Witch - Pop but not a Fad

Being Witch with Sarah Wu

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  • Being Witch - Which Witch

    In Episode 8 of “Being Witch,” Sarah provides an in-depth exploration of the diverse and fluid nature of identifying as a witch, delving into various paths, traditions, and practices within witchcraft, from Wicca to green witchery, and highlighting the rich tapestry of this mystical world.

  • Being Witch - Marked by the Goddess a...

    In Episode 9 of “Being Witch,” Sarah takes listeners on a fascinating journey through the world of symbols, exploring their intricate meanings within diverse cultural contexts. She highlights the dual nature of symbols and their power to transcend surface meanings, connecting with different cultu...

  • Being Witch - What the Spell & Right ...

    In Episode 10 of “Being Witch,” titled “What the Spell & Right Ritual,” Sarah delves into the world of magical practices, highlighting ethical considerations and guiding listeners to align their intentions with their inner truth. This episode explores various aspects of magic, including dark and ...