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Being Witch - Intro to Being a Modern Witch

Being Witch with Sarah Wu

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  • Being Witch - History of the Witch Craze

    In Episode 2 of “Being Witch,” the exploration of the history of the witch craze delves into ancient and modern cultures, highlighting the evolution of beliefs around witchcraft from the worship of goddesses to associations with demonic forces. The episode reveals how women were often targeted as...

  • Being Witch - Witch is Non Binary

    In Episode 3 of “Being Witch” explores the inclusive and non-binary nature of witchcraft, highlighting the importance of embracing diverse identities and fostering unity within the witchcraft community. The episode emphasizes the core principles of witchcraft, including the concept of duality and...

  • Being Witch - Modern Stereotypes

    In Episode 4 of “Being Witch,” the narrative explores how media portrayals of witches have perpetuated harmful stereotypes, leading to fear and even driving some to identify as witches. The episode also addresses the negative impacts of exploitative capitalism within modern witch culture and the ...