Become a Conscious Creator with Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. & Dr. Shamini Jain

Become a Conscious Creator with Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. & Dr. Shamini Jain

There is no “creation” in life, only “co-creation” with others and with the Universe itself, and it’s your responsibility in those interactions to evolve yourself in every way you can so you are bringing more to the table and consciously engaging in that co-creation process on a daily basis.

The first step in expanding your own evolution is to learn how to better understand how both your brain and the world actually work and remove the influence of the myths and misinformation about them that have been affecting every aspect of your life up to now and limiting your ability to step into the true depth and breadth of your power as a human being and an extension of the Universe.

To help you do this, scientists Bruce H. Lipton and Shamini Jain have created this 8-week online Masterclass called “Become a Conscious Creator: The Science of Co-Creating a Better Future,” where they will share the most current scientific research with you and show you how to take advantage of the tools you have at your disposal that you may not even realize are within you.

Once you’ve learned everything they’re going to teach you in this Masterclass, you will instantly become a more active co-creator at this critical time in our development as a species, where the creation of a better world that works for everyone and everything has become the most challenging and important undertaking we’ve ever faced.

It’s time for you to play a more vital role in that process, both for the betterment of your own life and for our entire species!

In the “BECOME A CONSCIOUS CREATOR” Masterclass, you’ll discover…
~ Why your creative abilities have been disempowered by two fundamental misperceptions about the Universe and evolution

~ How the “illusion” of our perceived physical world manifests and how energy entangles and determines relationships on every level

~ The origin of the brain and how it works, along with the epigenetic mechanisms that empower us to create on the highest level

~ How the subconscious programs operating below your conscious awareness were “downloaded” into your mind from the last trimester of pregnancy through the first seven years of your life

~ How EEG (electroencephalography) and MEG (magnetoencephalography) reveal the brain’s processing functions inside your skull

~ How to rewrite limiting, self-destructive programs within you and replace them with empowering, success-managing habits that will help you to manifest the life you desire

~ The science of the way spirit interfaces with your physical body, revealing your immortality and the source of your creativity

~ Why the pathogenic medicine model cannot explain healing, and how we can put the mind-body-spirit system back together through Psychoneuroimmunology

~ How biofield (energy) healing that occurs in our cells and our communities, fosters the growth of new brain and body tissue, generating powerful healing

~ How to consciously experience your life force energy through the chakras, along with the science regarding the effects of our positive and negative emotions

~ How to connect with the Divine Feminine to deepen your relationship with sound and creativity, along with easy inner sound-making exercises (including vocalizations and mantras) to open your voice, liberate your energy, and deepen your creative power.

~ The central role the heart chakra plays in generating powerful intentions

~ The energetic relationships between the chakras, allowing you to fully align with the co-creative force within you, and freeing it to transform you into a full agent of positive change

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Become a Conscious Creator with Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. & Dr. Shamini Jain
  • Flourishing Through Chaos with Bruce Lipton and Shamini Jain

    As we look at the world around us, with so many of our human systems failing and all the escalating chaos, we must face the reality that our previous “normal” will not be returning.

    Instead, we must, as individuals, embrace the new paradigm that both science and spirituality point us toward: it...

  • BACC - MODULE 1 - An Introduction to the Masterclass


    In this video module, Shamini and Bruce will provide a comprehensive introduction to the course and help you prepare to get the most out of it. Their discussion will include an overview of the topics they’ll be exploring over the course of ...

  • BACC - MODULE 2 - We are Creators - So, What Went Wrong?

    While it may not seem like it much of the time, quantum physics acknowledges that all the evidence we now have unequivocally points to our consciousness being the “creator” of our life experiences. And while this understanding should give us greater conscious control of that ability, there are ch...

  • BACC - MODULE 3 - The Mechanisms of the Universe: Newtonian vs Quantum Physics

    Contrary to popular belief, the secret of life is not in DNA but in the body’s proteins that are activated by environmental signals. While it was once thought that signals can only be carried by chemistry (e.g., drugs), quantum physics has shown that everything – including matter – is made of ene...

  • BACC - MODULE 4 - The New Science of Epigenetics: From Victim to Mastery

    We have been programmed with the belief that our biology is controlled by our genes turning on and off, making us victims of our heredity. The fact that the new science of Epigenetics has revealed that “perception” proteins built into the cell’s membrane are controlled by environmental signals me...

  • BACC - MODULE 5 - The Invisible Programming that Controls Our Lives

    There are two interdependent sources of consciousness: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. While the conscious mind is “creative,” the subconscious mind is programmed with “habits,” behavioral programs over which we normally exert no conscious control. In this video module, Bruce will e...

  • BACC - MODULE 6 - How the Mind Controls Our Reality

    Epigenetics reveals how consciousness controls our biology. In contrast, quantum physics offers insight into how consciousness also creates our behavior and shapes our life experiences through the process of entanglement. In this video module, Bruce will explore how EEG (electroencephalography) a...

  • BACC - MODULE 7 - Manifesting Heaven on Earth

    To get even deeper insight into how we create our life experience, we must fully define the nature of both conscious and subconscious behavior. We must also gain a deeper understanding of the interconnected energy that comprises everything in the Universe. In this video module, Bruce will explore...

  • BACC - MODULE 8 - Who Are We Really?

    While “spirit” is not itself a religious concept, conventional science disregards the concept of spirituality, dismissing it as a metaphysical notion. In contrast, quantum physics emphasizes that the whole Universe is an expression of entangled energy. In this video module, Bruce will explore a r...

  • BACC - MODULE 9 - From Separation to Interconnection

    Our biggest challenge as a human family is moving beyond the false sense of separation we experience most of the time so we can instead engender powerful, co-creative healing. Evolutions in science and medicine show us that our understanding of healing – mind, body and spirit – are rooted in a co...

  • BACC - MODULE 10 - Healing Energy: From Cells to Communities

    If everything is made of energy, what does that mean for our abilities to heal? Biofield healing practices are showing powerful effects to heal pain, cancer, and even affect cell-to-cell communication. In this action-packed video module, Shamini will explore the leading-edge research behind biof...

  • BACC - MODULE 11 - Flow with Emotions to Open Creative Life Force

    Being now aware of the power of the biofield and life energy, it’s time for us to dive into the well of our healing resource – our creative life force. In this video module, Shamini will explore the relationship of creative life energy and emotions, exploring both modern and ancient scientific pe...

  • BACC - MODULE 12 - Liberate and Elevate with Sound

    Both modern research and ancient practice point to the power of sound to generate profoundly powerful healing. And there are actually four separate levels of sound that each have a relationship to states of expanded consciousness.
    In this video module, Shamini will explore the relationship of sou...

  • BACC - MODULE 13 - Placebo, Intention and the Power of Sankalpa

    Placebo studies are perhaps the most misunderstood topic in all of science. The biggest question is this: What are placebo studies actually saying, and what does it mean for our ability to co-create our health and our future? In this video module, Shamini will explore the facts about what placebo...

  • BACC - MODULE 14 - Chakras and Co-Creation

    Once you have learned some of the practices from the previous modules that will allow you to connect more deeply with your energy and foster co-creative intention, it is time to take more advanced steps into co-creation by exploring how to work with chakra triads to connect your energies to the e...

  • BACC - MODULE 15 - G.I.F.T.S. for Co-Creation

    Spiritual traditions across the world have spoken of cardinal virtues and processes that can help guide our path toward responsible and harmonious co-creation. Recognizing and aligning with these G.I.F.T.S. (Gratitude, Introspection, Forgiveness, Trust and Surrender) is key to our success as a hu...

  • BACC - MODULE 16 - Summary and Review

    In this video module, Bruce and Shamini will provide a critical review of everything you’ve learned in the Masterclass. They’ll tie together all of the elements they’ve shared with you over the previous weeks to help set you up for deeper integration of the fundamentals of manifesting the life yo...

  • Become a Conscious Creator Fireside Gathering

  • Become a Conscious Creator Group Mentoring with Bruce Lipton 1-5-24

  • Become a Conscious Creator Mentoring with Shamini Jain 1-8-24

  • Become A Conscious Creator Mod 1 Watch Party 11-30-23

  • Become a Conscious Creator Mod 2 Watch Party 12-05-23

  • Become a Conscious Creator Mod 3 Watch Party 12-12-23

  • Become a Conscious Creator Mod 4 Watch Party 12-14-23