Ascension Harmonics: The 11:11 Divine Name Seminar with Andi & Jonathan Goldman

Ascension Harmonics: The 11:11 Divine Name Seminar with Andi & Jonathan Goldman

A Step By Step Process of Vibratory Activation Using Sacred Sound
What If There Was A Universal Sacred Sound
That Creates A Hotline To The Divine?
Experience The Divine Name — The Most Powerful Sacred Intonation
for Personal & Planetary Healing & Divine Manifestation

In the 11th Month of the 11th Year of the new Millennium Jonathan Goldman & Andi Goldman presented a special seminar on THE DIVINE NAME. This once in a lifetime event culminated in the group intonation of this most Sacred of Sounds at 11:11 on 11/11/11.

The 11:11 Divine Name Seminar is a step by step process of Vibratory Activation and Initiation through Sacred and Healing Sounds.

The 11:11 Divine Name Seminar is the only complete Andi & Jonathan Goldman workshop ever filmed!

Discover and learn about The Divine Name, a universal sound that has the ability to resonate both the physical body and subtle energy fields of anyone who intones it—irrespective of tradition, or belief. This sacred sound has the power to heighten consciousness promoting healing, peace, and oneness.

Explore the scientific and spiritual basis of using sound for healing and transformation
Find out how your own self-created sounds can serve to enhance personal health and wellness
Participate in activations and initiations previously only available in live workshop settings
Discover how to utilize the Divine Name for Global Harmonization
Experience the power of the Divine Name group intonation on 11/11/11

Ascension Harmonics: The 11:11 Divine Name Seminar with Andi & Jonathan Goldman
  • Introduction and Welcome from Andi & Jonathan Goldman

    In these opening remarks, Jonathan and Andi present introductory insights into the seminar and discuss aspects involved in the making of the original videos. They talk about the importance of 11:11 and why the original Divine Name Seminar occurred. The goal was to bring together a group of peop...

  • The 11:11:11 Divine Name Seminar Booklet (PDF)

    1.5 MB

    This download contains the original material presented at the 11:11 Divine Name Seminar as well as extensive additional pages of notes with more information on the topics and exercises that you will be experiencing.

    Please download this supplementary eBook. Each "Part" of the seminar is separa...

  • Ascension Harmonics 1-1: Fundamentals of Vibration

    In this opening lesson, Jonathan and Andi will lay the groundwork for the entire course. They present an overview of the evening and discuss the Divine Name. They explore the scientific and spiritual basis of using sound for healing and tr...

  • Ascension Harmonics 1-2: Entrainment & Visual Images

    This teaching focuses on additional aspects of sound healing, including the physiological benefits of self-created sounds, entrainment, and the power of intent. In addition, you will see images of the ability of sound to shape form with Cymatic pictures, heat thermography photographs and how int...

  • Ascension Harmonics 1-3: Listening

    In this lesson we explore listening as a powerful tool for sonic transformation. We will listen to excerpts from 8 of Jonathan’s award-winning albums including “Chakra Chants”, “Holy Harmony”, “Reiki Chants” and “The Divine Name.” Jonathan will discuss both the vibro-acoustic and psycho-acousti...

  • Ascension Harmonics 1-4: Global Harmonization

    In this lesson, Jonathan and Andi give an overview of the entire workshop. They also discuss the power of heart-brain coherence and talk about the Global Consciousness Project. You will see aura photographs of Jonathan intoning the Divine Name. They will discuss the phenomenon of Global Harmon...

  • Ascension Harmonics 2-1: Frequency & Intention

    Jonathan and Andi recap some of the information from the previous teachings, and discuss additional aspects of frequency, including psycho-acoustics—the effects of sound on our nervous system. This includes the importance of amplitude in terms of affecting us.

    They also discuss how the power ...

  • Ascension Harmonics 2-2: Breath & Toning

    Breath is the basis of sound. It is also the basis of life. You will learn about prana, the energy of breath, and how diaphragmatic breathing is a key to expanded health and consciousness. You will learn simple exercises and experience the ability to increase your breath and to make your own so...

  • Ascension Harmonics 2-3: Chakras & Sound

    In this lesson on Sound and The Chakras—you will learn about the etheric energy centers of our body and their relationships to vibration and sound. You will discover the attributes of the chakras: physical, emotion, mental and spiritual. You will learn how and why resonating your chakras can be...

  • Ascension Harmonics 2-4: Vowel Chakra Experience

    In this lesson you will experience Jonathan Goldman’s classic Vowels As Mantras–one of the most profound vibrational tools for self-healing using your own voice. This is a powerful guided meditation for resonating the chakras with the Sacred Vowel Sounds for healing and transformation. Many exper...

  • Ascension Harmonics 3-1: Principles of Harmonics

    Harmonics can be understood as being the color of sound. Within every sound are multiple, geometrically related sounds that simultaneously occur. Harmonics display universal principles found in everything from the periodic table of elements to the orbital distances of the planets.

    Jonathan and...

  • Ascension Harmonics 3-2: Vocal Harmonic Examples

    As part of the training of being able to create vocal harmonics, it is first necessary for us to be able to hear them. You will listen to different practitioners of vocal harmonics utilizing different techniques—from Tibet and Mongolia to Western countries. You will also hear how harmonics are f...

  • Ascension Harmonics 3-3: Creating Vocal Harmonics

    In this lesson you will learn simple techniques of creating vocal harmonics. You will be able to hear different harmonics created through intoning a specific series of vowel sounds. Through this ability to create two or more notes simultaneously you will experience the resultant transformative e...

  • Ascension Harmonics 3-4: Angel of Sound Activation

    Part Three: Vocal Harmonics
    Lesson 4: Angel of Sound Activation

    Jonathan and Andi begin by first discussing how different divine entities in different traditions were said to be the manifestation of sound. Jonathan then discusses his initial encounter with Shamael, the Angel of Sound, and the c...

  • Ascension Harmonics 4-1: The Divine Name - Discovery & Intonation

    Part Four: Sounding the Divine Name
    Lesson 1: The Divine Name - Discovery & Intonation
    Jonathan and Andi begin by discussing the significance of the 11:11. They then talk about the history of the Divine Name—how this sound is based on the name of God as found in the different Abrahamic tradition...

  • Ascension Harmonics 4-2: The 11:11:11 Experience –The Divine Name As Prayer

    Jonathan and Andi discuss the Divine Name as a powerful form of prayer. They then lead the participants in a guided sacred ceremony for personal and planetary healing. This sonic meditation consists of an extended “Intoning of the Divine Name” which culminates with the final sounding of the Divin...