A New Kind of Power

A New Kind of Power

In the A NEW KIND OF POWER 16-Module Masterclass, you will discover…
• A technique for tapping into infinite intelligence at will
• What we need to do as light workers, and how our attention can infuse peace into the fabric of our planet
• How you can be sure that you are truly living your dharma — and why no one else can do what you were put on Earth to do
• Learn a simple method for using the power of your mind to manifest whatever you desire
• The one thing we need in order to move through our fears
• A quick process to fill your energy body with the precise quality of energy required to magnetize any manifestation you desire
• How to apply the technique of “feeling forward” to deliberately create whatever outcome you desire
• How to raise the frequency of your dominant thoughts and beliefs to the vibration of joyful expectancy
• How to reside in the energy of having, even before there is any physical or tangible evidence of its existence
• How finding sufficiency — or satisfaction — is the doorway through which greater love and abundance can flow
• How to recognize when the absence of something you desire is actually guiding you toward something much greater
• A quick process for aligning your non-physical energies prior to taking any physical action
• How to use any situation you currently find yourself in as a jumping off point to what you’re committed to creating next

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A New Kind of Power
  • Debra Poneman Module 01

    The Power of Living Aligned with Your Truth.
    Listening to your inner voice connects you to an energy that is greater than yourself, an energy that contains more knowledge than your limited reasoning mind, which can often lead you in the wron...

  • Debra Poneman Module 02

    The Power of Your Mind and What Debra's Near-Death Experience Revealed
    It was the early 1980s. For Debra’s entire adult life she had been a full-time meditation teacher (with a brief stint at trying to make some money by selling tax shelters). One day, she accidentally happened upon the knowledge...

  • Debra Poneman Module 03

    The Power of Opening your Heart
    The challenges of life can be overwhelming, but if you think that obtaining something on the outside is going to pull you out of your pain and lead to fulfillment or long-lasting joy, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. However, if you’re ready to heal e...

  • Debra Poneman Module 04

    The Power of Relationship Capitol, the Currency for Our New World
    In this module Debra shares some of her own success story and how she was able to establish an international presence decades before the internet, disappear for 20 years, and return to start again right where she left off by utiliz...

  • Debra Poneman Module 05

    The Power of Living Your Dharma
    There are many translations of the Sanskrit word “dharma,” but one thing on which all scholars agree is that when you’re living your dharma, you’re living your true purpose for being here on Earth. When you’re not living your dharma, there’s an emptiness in your li...

  • Debra Poneman Module 06

    The Power of Moving Through Your Greatest Fears
    People who change the world don’t play it safe. People who change the world don’t compromise their truth to protect their image. People who change the world are afraid to speak up, but do it anyway. People who change the world are scared every day, ...

  • Debra Poneman Module 07

    The Power of Harnessing the Light of Grace
    The light of Grace is everywhere, but it’s up to us to choose how much of it we let into our lives. The more we let the light of grace in, the more we become imbued with the light, and the obstacles to our happiness dissolve. Darkness cannot exist in the...

  • Debra Poneman Module 08

    You Have the Power to Change the World
    Sometimes we look at the state of our planet ,and we feel completely helpless. As we continue to reel from the pandemics and politics, chaos and climate change, distrust and division, it’s clear that the type of power that has gotten us to this point will no...

  • Christy Whitman Module 09

    The Principle of Alignment with Christy Whitman
    Alignment with source energy, with one’s own self, and with the viability of our hearts’ desires is the key to joyfully creating any outcome in life. The people in this world who are the happiest, who have energy, vitality, and clarity, who have ple...

  • Christy Whitman Module 10

    The Principle of Focus with Christy Whitman
    Once we’ve identified a new desire, there are only two fundamental attitudes we can take in relation to it. We can focus on its absence and therefore continue to hold it apart from us, or we can apply the power of our focus to ponder, imagine, and delig...

  • Christy Whitman Module 11

    The Principle of Joyful Expectancy with Christy Whitman
    Our emotions — both good-feeling and bad — serve a very important purpose. They provide moment-by-moment information about whether we are energetically aligned with, or opposing, the outcomes we desire. The better we feel, the more allowing,...

  • Christy Whitman Module 12

    The Principle of Having with Christy Whitman
    The vibration of wanting, yearning or needing can block the effortless manifestation of our desires. For example, a heartbroken or lonely person is not a vibrational match to the love they desire to attract. Likewise, we can’t get to financial solvency...

  • Christy Whitman Module 13

    The Principle of Loving with Christy Whitman
    Love is one of the most magnetic, creative forces in all the universe. When we love something — whether it’s another person, a cause, or an outcome we’d like to create — there is no separation between us and the object of our love. The Principle of Lov...

  • Christy Whitman Module 14

    The Principle of Surrender with Christy Whitman
    Taking action toward the fulfillment of our desires is an important part of the manifestation process: Clarifying what is wanted and formulating a plan for getting there helps direct the positive flow of our energies. But in every manifestation, the...

  • Christy Whitman Module 15

    The Principle of Action with Christy Whitman
    Each of the six principles that have come before — those of alignment, focus, joyful expectancy, having, loving, and surrender — help to guide us into a state of receptivity. They support us in being open to the universal intelligence that is, in every...

  • Christy Whitman Module 16

    The Principle of Energy Mastery with Christy Whitman
    Energy mastery requires determination of focus and a commitment to keeping our Desire Factor foremost in our minds, even before evidence of its eventual manifestation reveals itself. It’s the practice of deliberately aligning our personal energ...

  • Debra Poneman Webinar 2-2-21

    Webinar with Debra Poneman 02/02/21

  • Debra's Mentoring for 'New Kind of Power' 2-19-21

    Debra's Mentoring Session #1 02/19/21

  • Debra's Mentoring for 'New Kind of Power' 2-26-21

    Debra's Mentoring Session #2 02/26/21

  • Christy Mentoring #1 3-12-21

    Christy's Mentoring Session #1 03/12/21

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