A 5-Year Guide to Your Future with Gregg Braden

A 5-Year Guide to Your Future with Gregg Braden

During Gregg Braden’s brand-new 8-Week Online Masterclass, “A 5-Year Guide to Your Future: Discoveries That Will Supercharge the Way You Think, Heal, Love and Live,” Gregg and his expert guests will provide you with a wealth of game-changing information and guidance to help you develop the next-level awareness and skills that will allow you to be clear-minded and successful as these changes in every arena of our lives continue to come at us with increasing regularity.

A 5-Year Guide to Your Future with Gregg Braden
  • A 5-Year Guide - Introduction

    Introduction to A 5-Year Guide to Your Future

  • 5 Year Guide - Module 1 - A New World At The Speed Of Love

    A New World At The Speed Of Love: The Foundation For Life, Healing And Innovation

    From climate change to social change, from increasing levels of human conflict to collapsing national economies, it’s heartening to know that we already have ...

  • A 5-Year Guide - Module 2 - How to Thrive in Our World of Extremes

    How to Thrive in Our World of Extremes: From Polarity and Fear to Unity Thinking

    New discoveries have reversed 150 years of scientific thinking when it comes to us: the way we think of ourselves, our capabilities, our limits, and the resilience that allows us to embrace big changes in a healthy ...

  • A 5-Year Guide - Module 3 - The Untold Story of Green Energy

    The Untold Story of Green Energy: Why Solar, Panels and Windmills Cannot Be The Answer to the World's Energy Needs

    A deep examination of the current “green” energy industry reveals that its use of fossil fuels to mine and manufacture the scarce elements that are required to build the solar panel...

  • A 5-Year Guide - Module 4 - The Manhattan Project Revisited

    The Manhattan Project Revisited: The Lost Bridge To Clean, Reliable And Sustainable Energy

    During the super-secret Manhattan Project based in Los Alamos, New Mexico, in the 1940s, the best minds of the 20th Century converged to unlock the secrets of the atom and unleash the power of atomic energ...

  • A 5-Year Guide - Module 5 - Tapping the Power of "Empty" Space

    Tapping the Power of "Empty" Space: The Ultimate Energy for the Future

    A new math to support the new thinking for a new physics reveals that “empty” space is full of energy potential and that we live in a sea of limitless energy. The key to accessing this energy is to first harmonize with it and...

  • A 5-Year Guide - Module 6 - Bitcoin: The Vision, The Power, The Potential

    Bitcoin: The Vision, The Power, The Potential

    The power of Bitcoin was unveiled as a technological solution to the financial crisis and economic crash of 2008, and a remedy to the broken monetary system that continues to hurt so many people on such deep levels today. In this module, Gregg will e...

  • A 5-Year Guide - Module 7 - Blockchain Technology

    Blockchain Technology: The Foundation Of A Truly Free Society

    We expend our life energy to contribute to the world, offering information, products and services. We are rewarded with another form of energy that we have accepted in exchange throughout history – money. For thousands of years, money...

  • A 5-Year Guide - Module 8 - Compassionate Machines

    Compassionate Machines: Giving Human Values To Artificial Intelligence

    We’ve arrived at a critical crossroad with the development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in our lives. A.I. is now teaching our children in schools, running the grids that power everything in our lives,...

  • A 5-Year Guide - Module 9 - Pure Human

    Pure Human: We Are The Technology We've Been waiting For

    New discoveries about the human body reveal that we are a highly advanced, technologically sophisticated “soft” technology running under the operating system of a conscious field. Rather than the artificial and “hard” silicon computer chip...

  • A 5-Year Guide - Mod 10 - Are We Victims of Our Genes?

    Are We Victims of Our Genes, or Masters of Our Biology?

    For most of the 20th Century, the thinking has been that we are locked into the patterns of our heredity—victims of our genetic makeup, but new discoveries are telling a new story of hope, possibility and self-empowerment. In this module, G...

  • A 5-Year Guide - Module 11 - The Battle For Our Humanness

    The Battle For Our Humanness: The Slippery Slope Of Transhumanism

    The policies are already being written, and the technologies are already being implemented to replace your natural cells and neurons, and ultimately your entire body, with artificial intelligence, computer chips, sensors, and gene...

  • A 5-Year Guide - Module 12 - From Human To SuperHuman

    From Human To SuperHuman: What Are The Limits Of Our Potentials?

    The science is clear: we’re not what we’ve been told and even more than we’ve imagined. As you learn to awaken the full potential of the “soft” technology Gregg discusses in Module 9, you will discover the extraordinary capacities ...

  • A 5-Year Guide - Module 13 - Vertical Crops

    Vertical Crops: The New Farming To Feed A Hungry World

    From extreme heat and drought, to collapsing economies that have made traditional agriculture a thing of the past, scientists tell us we’re in danger of shortages that will lead to a level of global hunger not seen in modern times. In this m...

  • A 5-Year Guide - Module 14 - Earth's Safe Zone

    Earth's Safe Zone: The 9 Parameters That We Must Protect For A Habitable Planet (And The 3 We Have Already Crossed)

    The science is also clear that we live in a dynamic system of 9 parameters that must be maintained to provide the conditions for life as we know it to thrive. Data from the Stockho...

  • A 5-Year Guide - Module 15 - Too Many People?

    Too Many People? The Facts Of Earth's Carrying Capacity And The danger Of Thinking We've Exceeded It

    Since the 1960s we have been led to believe that the human population of our world is exceeding the carrying capacity of our resources. In this module, Gregg will explore the new studies that now...

  • A 5-Year Guide - Module 16 - Thriving In The Emerging World

    Thriving In The Emerging World: Where Do We Go From Here?

    The most potent step toward embracing new and healthy technologies is the product of a shift in thinking, such as President John F. Kennedy’s determination to reach the moon, or the creation of the United States Declaration of Independenc...

  • A 5-Year Guide Virtual Fireside Gathering

  • A 5-Year Guide Group Mentoring Session 1 - Recorded 12-27-22

  • A 5-Year Guide Group Mentoring Session 2 - Recorded 1-4-23

  • A 5-Year Guide - Watch Party - 12-06-2022 - Mod 1

  • A 5-Year Guide - Watch Party - 12-08-2022 - Mod 2

  • A 5-Year Guide - Watch Party - 12-13-2022 - Mod 3

  • A 5-Year Guide - Watch Party - 12-15-2022 - Mod 4